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Eating your way through Marrakech !

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The world now is not as wide as it was a few decades back. The advent of science and technology into the modern era has enabled the society to scale down the distance between people, states, nations and continents within the feasible limits of present resources. But it also means that people can enjoy as much as they can within their budgets. Travelling the world has always been the dream of every man, for different purposes of course, still travelling always attracted us. Whatever the case may be, touring with objective to see new thing and enjoy unknown delicacies is really a dream come true trip for anyone and everyone.

The destination of a travel schedule is often based on the preferred scenery of the tourist. It can be mountain, sea or forest. But most of the time the culture and the history of the land invites the people’s attention towards a place. The northern parts of Africa, though a bit arid still is one of the most fertile land for tourism. The sprawl of ancient Egyptian civilization, the flourish of Babylonian culture and the embers of Roma Empire over the northern reaches of Africa has made this land a historical treasure land, an archeological goldmine and place of fervent community.

Morocco is one of the epic countries in this realm and a nation that has every flavor of this unique ethnicity. When you are visiting this sun scorched land built amidst the sands of time, you will find yourself awed by the liveliness of the people, the vibrant culture, the white and gold cityscape, the bustling market and the historical memos. There are many noteworthy cities in Morocco like Rabat, FesCasablanca and Tangier. Marrakech does not feature in the top listed cities in Morocco chronicle but it certainly features as the top tourist destination in the county. This red city is a thousand year old metropolitan in the Moroccan map that has thrived through the ages to become the best traveler magnet.

Marrakech was the imperial city of the country built with a plethora of classical royal structures like minarets, gardens, palaces and well planned city. The trial of civilization may have taken the center of activation way for Marrakech, still it embraces considerable hold on the true essence of the nation and its culture within its periphery. The beautiful raids or guesthouses in the city and the lip-smacking flavors of the street delicacies through Marrakech streets is the reason why people feel attracted to this gorgeous city.

One of the main tourist attractions in the travel guide of Marrakech, Morocco is the food tour that is conducted by a true Moroccan guide. Where to eat in Marrakech is something that people visiting often feel excited about but also suffers from dilemma. The mundane multi-cuisine food fare is not what we will call tasting the true flavors. If you are not having what the locals are having, then you are not getting the real ethnic delicacies of Marrakech.

But fear not, our food tour through the streets of Marrakech will let you feast upon the actual food & beverage of the Moroccan cuisine amidst the partying locals and their wild vibes. We know the hidden gems in the city. On the tour we will make you work up an appetite by traveling to the shopping boulevard and the medina before heading towards Jameea el Fena for the feast in some good restaurants in Marrakech. In the food tour, people will be treated with a classic Moroccan dinner with wines and popcorns. Groups will be served freshly brewed local beer and the experience will be topped by a scrumptious ethnic meal at the city square. The tours will finally end with a shot of local spiced tea Khoudenjal. The food tour that we conduct features the best restaurants in Marrakech that starts at 7 pm and goes deep into the night for about three and a half hours with all festivities.

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