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Marrakech : Eats and Treats

Tajine and Tanjia

After meeting in front of Café France we will head to the olive market and try different types of olives , dried nuts and Moroccan pastries then we will wander through souks till we get to the Rahba Lakdima which is a very photogenic place especially from a terrace, after a refreshing OJ we will navigate the Medina till we get to the secret garden .The origins of the complex dates back to the Saadian Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. Moroccan food is one of the best foods in the world and the cornerstone of it is the spices that we use, on this experience will visit a local herbalist where you can get/learn about every Moroccan spice/oil that you can think of either for medicinal or cooking uses. Lunch time! Roasted lamb or Tanjia are the options here and they are finger lickin' good :) (Vegetarian Available)

Join us :)


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