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Meandering in Marrakech - A Guided Tour

Marrakech is not Morocco’s capital city, that’s Rabat nor is it the country’s largest urban settlement, that’s Casablanca. Not even Africa’s oldest city, that’s Fes, but still Marrakech manages to feature itself top of every tourist list of priorities when visiting the African nation of Morocco. Marrakech, which is believed to be a derivation of the Arabic Muurr Akash, means Gods Land. Another theory suggests that Marrakech is a distortion of murra Kish, which means to pass by briskly indicating or implying the notorious reputation Marrakech has for being home to ruthless robbers and thugs. Yet, despite all the negative praise Marrakech has garnered and for apparently having no specific claim to fame in comparison to the other locations in Morocco, it still somehow manages to triumph as the unheralded cultural capital of Morocco, stuff that fairy tales of Arabian Nights are made up of.

Our Marrakech experience begins with the Le Jardin Secret which had not opened its doors for public viewing until very recently. The origins of this historic monument complex predates almost four centuries, if not more during the reign of the Saadian Dynasty. It withholds some really exclusive and astounding pieces of traditional Islamic architecture within the palace complex including shop and cafe. When fashion icons, Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé stumbled upon the fact that Marrakech’s Jardin Majorelle, which had fascinated them since their first visit to the city, was being put up for sale, the property was being bought by them and they lived in the most elaborate and exorbitant section, the Villa Oasis grounds. Now a Roman pillar artefact structure is there in the garden, in memory of the late fashion designer. Access to the once secret and forbidden, palatial garden grounds can be availed by purchasing nominally priced entry tickets for an elaborate and uninterrupted tour.

Morocco, apart from the different old world charms and historic monuments it withholds inside its bowels, is also very famous and prominent as an indigenous hub of spices and natural additive as much as it holds renown globally for the Moroccan Rugs For Sale. Hence it comes as no surprise that Moroccan food is also a major tourist attraction. On this interesting and intriguing tour we have as many items lined up for a visual feast as we have for a culinary feast as well. Moroccan food is regarded as one of the best cuisine in the world and it is the outcome of the special herbs and spices that food is concocted in. Our guided tour of Marrakech will not be on an empty stomach and we make a predetermined halt in this spicy haberdashery while we visit the olive market and sample different types of olives while admiring in the souks in sheer amazement. Once our appetites are satisfied with breathtaking taste of special food dishes, we proceed to visiting the Rahba Lakdima, which provides a great canvas for exploiting through photography. The views are definitely enhanced and improved from the terrace of Café Des Épices which provides an uninterrupted aerial view of the location landscape. Treading through the old city of Marrakech and its meandering lanes and alley ways can be quite a taxing situation for the body and we make a quick stop for refreshments. Quench your thirst and parched throat with a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed farm fresh orange juice before heading to the herb and spices center for sampling and purchase of authentic Moroccan spices and herbs, even medicinal herbs and plants with magical healing qualities.

Our final halt for this tour will be at the traditional bazaar for carpets where merchants lay down their wares and once can be too spoilt for choice to arrive to a decision. The mighty carpet has a legacy in this part of the world, especially having to live up to the expectations of its miraculous counterpart in the Arabian Nights. So if you are a savant of traditional Moroccan Style Rug, or the typical Black and White Moroccan Rug, this might your chance to seize the bargain of a lifetime. While the prices on display might not do their bit to encourage your shopping spree, but do not worry as these are inflated prices in tourist centres. When we have to make a purchase we will visit the whole sellers who have a relaxed price spread for their wares and authentic and approved traditional wares at that.

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