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Moroccan Wine

You like beer or wine ? How about local foods and trying new things? Maybe deep and interesting conversations? Well if you answered all those questions with yes! you are in the right place. Tag along with me on this little adventure, where I will take you to one of the coolest,local, hidden bars in the Red City. We'll try Moroccan beer and then head off to another hidden spot for some Moroccan wine (This place has an international vibe to it ). After we work up an appetite, we will venture towards Jameea El fena . Here, I will guide you through the square to a local restaurant for an authentic Moroccan dinner. If you wanted to dine as the locals in Marrakech, this is the tour for you ! WHAT'S INCLUDED : - 2 Moroccan beers for each guest in the first stop plus popcorn. - A bottle of Moroccan wine for group size 1-5 , 2 bottles for 6-10 plus tapas in the second stop. - Dinner in local restaurant by the square (Vegetarian Available). - Spice tea (Khoudenjal.

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